To reset your eSchool, eFinance, Teacher Access Center (TAC) or StudentGPS password please do the following:

Click Security

Click Security Resources

Click ADE Single Sign On (Sign In to manage Active Directory Accounts)

Click the Forgot your Password link

Enter your User ID starting with 6601....

You will be emailed a 6-digit code.

Enter your username and the 6-digit code and click Submit. 

Enter your new password (twice to confirm) and click Submit.

The password MUST Meet the Criteria below
•    Minimum password length: 14 
•    Maximum password length: no limit 
•    Minimum lowercase characters: 1
•    Minimum uppercase characters: 1
•    Minimum Digits:1
•    Minimum special characters: 0
•    Allowed special characters: None
•    Disallowed characters: All the special Characters and Punctuation’s (including @!#$% *& etc)
•    Password dictionary: none
•    Password History: 6
•    First Name, Last Name or Username cannot be part of the password