To cancel a pending event, locate it on your Dashboard. Click Details to expand, then select

the Cancel button. Calendly will give you the option to add a short message to be included in an

email notification informing the invitee of the cancellation.

Once finalized, the canceled time will be freed up in both calendars. Invitees can cancel an event

using the cancellation button in the confirmation and reminder notifications they receive.

Rescheduling an event

If you know your invitee's availability, reschedule from your Dashboard. Find the event, expand the

details and click Reschedule. Once a new time is confirmed, both you and your invitee will be

notified of the changes.

Unsure of your invitee's availability? Cancel the original event and re-share your Calendly link in the

cancellation message. Invitees can reschedule at any time from within their confirmation email, or by

declining a calendar invitation.