Calendly allows you to choose when you would like to be available for each event type.

From your Event Types page, select the event you would like to edit. Scroll down to the When

can people book this eventĀ section. Your default availability is 9:00 am-5:00 pm Monday through

Friday, but this can be adjusted either one day at a time, or for several days at once.

Set recurring weekly availability

To adjust your recurring availability, click the day you would like to edit. You can either change

the interval, add a new interval, or remove all availability by making yourself unavailable. Once

you've customized the intervals to your liking, set this availability to recur on that weekday by

choosing Apply to all Wednesdays. You can also apply those recurring settings to multiple days

of the week if your open hours repeat themselves throughout the week.

Set availability for specific dates

Start by clicking the day you would like to add custom availability to. Edit the interval and apply

the changes to the specific date only.

Blackout specific dates

Blackout a date by selecting the I'm unavailable or No one is Available option. Apply the

changes to that date to prevent scheduled events.

To blackout a range of dates, select Or apply to multiple... and choose the days you would like to

show as unavailable. You can disable scheduling for specific dates or for recurring days of the


Control your availability date range

By default, events can be scheduled with you up to 60 rolling days in advance. You can edit this

time frame within each event type depending on your needs. Adjust the number of rolling days,

or only allow events during a specific date range. You can also allow events to be scheduled