Rebooting or Factory Reset

If your phone is malfunctioning or require updates you or your phone system administrator may want to perform one of the following:

Rebooting - this will bring the phone back to the its last configured state. It is also required when changing BLF settings.

Factory reset - this erases the current configuration and apply the original configuration the phone was shipped with from the factory.  

Rebooting Your Phone

In most cases this can be attempted when your phone malfunctions without much concern. If this fails to solve the problem you can attempt the other two methods.

To reboot your phone:

You can  long press the X key when the phone is idle to reboot the phone. 


  • Navigate to Menu>Settings>Basic Settings>Reboot.

  • A confirmation message is displayed, confirming that you want to reboot the phone.

  • Press OK to reboot the phone.

Factory Reset

This is only recommended after you have tried all other troubleshooting suggestions since the operation will delete all your personal configuration settings and reset them to the factory defaults. It is therefore advisable to have your phone system administrator backup your personalized settings before proceeding with a factory reset.

To perform a factory reset: 

  • Navigate to to Menu>Settings>Advanced Settings>Reset Config.

  • Highlight the Reset to Factory Settings, and then press Reset.

    A confirmation message is displayed, confirming that you want to reset the setting.

  • Press OK.

    The phone begins resetting.

You can also long press the OK key when the phone is idle.

The LCD screen prompts “Welcome Initializing…Please wait”. The process will take a few minutes. Do not power off until the phone has started up successfully.