The Employee Access Center (EAC) can only be accessed while being on the internal school district network.

EAC is NOT compatible with EDGE browser. 

Access the EAC web portal located at:

  1. Select 'Forgot your Password?' link

  2. Enter your FSPS Email Address OR District number (6601) + Employee number. example: 660101234
  3. Press Submit - An email with your temporary password will be sent to you

  4. You will receive a green message that an email has been sent to your with a link to verify your identity

  5. You will have 1 MINUTE to click on the emailed link!
    See sample email notification below

  6. Answer your Security Questions to verify your identity. Below are sample security questions.

  7. Once verified, you will enter a new Password.

    Password must contain the following:
    • must contain 10 - 16 characters
    • a lower case character 
    • an upper case character
    • a number
    • cannot reuse the last 5 passwords