Below is an example for creating a recipient group to send messages to Traditional, Virtual, or Blended students.
Only include the 'Student' account in the group query when creating the group. To send to parents of the students in the group, you must send the same message twice. The first time send just to students; the second time, select the same recipient group but when sending the message, only include the Advanced Option: Deliver to Parents Only.   See the screenshots to send to parents only of the recipient group at the bottom of these instructions.
To create your own groups (example):
From the Select Recipients dialog box:
  1. School: choose (=), then School(s) from the drop-down.
  2. Account: choose (=), then Student. (Only include the 'Student' account in the group query)
  3. Find accounts that: Match all.
  4. Field (Other):  choose Instruction Type.
  5. Operation: (=).
  6. Value: Type Traditional.
    (valid options are: 'Virtual', 'Blended', 'Traditional')

  7. Press  button.
  8. A dialog box will display at the top of the screen with the number of recipients added to the list.
  9. Press.

  10. Press  button.

To send to parents only: 
  1. After selecting the recipients... Select 'Advanced Options'

  2. Check 'Deliver to parents of students'