How to Integrate Schoology and Knowledge Matters

You will need this page open in Knowledge Matters

Go to Change Course Settings on Your Course

NOTE: Please finalize your course settings in Virtual Business relating to optional reading and quizzes and grade weightings before downloading the common cartridge below.

Click here to download a common cartridge that can be imported into a Schoology course.

  1. In Schoology, go to the Resources area.

  2. Click the dropdown arrow button to the right of My Resources and select import.

  3. In the Import Collection dialog, select Common Cartridge (IMSCC or ZIP).

  4. Enter a new, unique collection name and click Next.

  5. Click the Attach File button, and from your downloads folder, find the common cartridge file just downloaded (filename is VY7KS9_generic_cartridge.imscc).

  6. Click Next.

  7. Create a new course in Schoology.

  8. In your course click the Add Materials dropdown button and choose Import from Resources.

  9. In the Import from Resources dialog, under the My Resources section, select the previously uploaded collection.

  10. The right side of this dialog window will now show several items with checkboxes next to them. Check Virtual Business Content and click Import at the bottom of the dialog.

  11. You'll now see a list of course content. Check/uncheck desired lessons and then click Import at the bottom of the dialog.

Setting up an External Tool

  1. While viewing your course, click the Course Options dropdown and select External Tool Providers.

  2. Click the Add External Tool Provider button.

  3. Create a new tool configuration using the following values:

  4. Click Submit to create the Virtual Business External Tool Provider.

Tool Settings section


Tool name

Virtual Business Copy to clipboard

Consumer Key

WP0k0fmM10zc4nzfcJJvnci15cY9oDVA Copy to clipboard

Shared Secret

RKkeOkoBWVOmkEyXkyTnTeTxNc4gELoV Copy to clipboard


Send Name and Email/Username of user who launches the tool

Configuration Type


Match By


Domain/URL Copy to clipboard

Setting up a graded assignment

  1. While viewing your course, you'll see a Virtual Business folder in the main content area. Click on it once to open a list of lesson folders.

  2. Click on a lesson folder to access its assignments (instead of appearing as a folder the icon is of 2 gold colored rulers making a square).

  3. For each of the Quiz, LP, and CP assignments in all the lessons, click on the gear to the the right of the corresponding assignment and select Edit.

  4. In the dialog window that opens, check the Enable Grading checkbox.

  5. Fill in the number of points to weight each assignment as desired.

  6. Choose the category. You can create a new grading category here within the pull-down if you do not already have one created.

  7. Your course is now set up and ready to use.