Approval Process for Purchasing Digital Resources

This process has been developed to bridge the gap between Curriculum, Professional Development, Information Systems, and Technology regarding the selection and support of all digital resources. When selecting any digital resource, the Digital Resource Approval Form must be filled out and approved before purchase.


Follow the instructions below:

  • Fill out the Digital Resource Approval Form.
  • Digital signatures will be requested from the following individuals in order:
    1. Principal/Supervisor
    2. Mrs. Lori Griffin/Dr. Tony Jones
    3. Dr. Kellie Cohen Minton
    4. Tracie Weaver
    5. Ms. Lori Yates
  • Once approved, the signed form will be returned to the requestee (the requestee is responsible for getting the approved form to the individual who enters the requisition).
  • A requisition should be entered in eFinance+ with the digital resource approval form attached (make sure your office staff attaches the approved digital resource request form to the requisition in eFinance).
  • The attached approval form will be reviewed by those who sign off on the requisition.



A link to the Digital Resource Approval Form can be found on the Fort Smith School District website on both the Technology and Information Systems department webpages.


Please inform your staff of this procedure.